Celebrating An Award Winning Season! To God Be the Glory




From the beginning our love for and relationship with God has guided our love for and relationship with each other.  With so much in common from sharing the same name origin, birthday month, birth state, mothers with the same birth month, and love for helping others, we knew that our union was destined to glorify God and ordained for a DIVINE PURPOSE.  So on July 14, 2007, we both truly married our best friend.  With everything we do, we desire to honor and glorify the Lord our God.   

Back in 2013, this never dull walk through Marriage, Music, and Ministry was featured on the YouTube docu-series, Holy Love and Hip Hop. 



A unique mixture of soulful  sound, captivating and powerful,
offering inspiration and motivation
while lifting up the name of Jesus.
that He may be glorified and souls may be won for the Kingdom.  ​



 Sparkle Productions Inc. is a nonprofit organization we founded to Push for Peace in the community Through Faith, Unity, and Love​. Each year we hold annual events to foster four main building blocks to strengthen family foundations and deter various acts of violence.


Heavenly | Blissful | Earthly Devoted | Dedicated | Committed


When listening to one-half of the husband and wife gospel duo start the beginning of a sentence, you're guaranteed that the other half simply finishes off the end of the script. 

The Mobile, Alabama gospel-hip hop, R&B soul, songwriting team, Dannie and Danielle Pledger, who wedded in harmony more than 12 years ago, and were born in the same month, in the same city, attended the same church, sang in the same choir, and even studied at the same school, knew from the start that their kindred spirits and harmonious relationship blended. It was so nice, they did it twice – later welcoming 8-year old boy and girl twins Danae (industrious one) and Danye' (given by God) to their blissful union. 

Well-versed in songwriting and prolific in lyrical content, Dannie and Danielle recognized that they shared a common interest that would soon move them in a direction to use their gift of talents beyond marriage.

At the time, Dannie was an independent rapper, laying down beats and hooks to songs he'd record from his cousin's home-based studio. Danielle, who was in the process of promoting her second self-published book of poetry, would soon join him in the studio to sing verses on his tracks. The two ultimately "put their pen to the paper," and began writing faith-based rap songs. It was then God began to shift their lives and reveal to them the depths of their spiritual purpose. 

Accepting their call and the challenges that come along with being companions, as well as partners in the business of creating music turned out to be a blessed transformation for the couple. 

Summed up … DIVINE PURPOSE. 

In 2016 and 2017 Divine Purpose won the Voices of Gospel Music Awards (VOGMA) for Holy Hip Hop Artists of the Year. This year they received nominations from  VOGMA for Artist of the Year, Gospel Hip Hop Artist of the Year, and Local Artist of the Year awards, and the Prayze Factor Awards for Holy Hip Duo of the Year.  The twins were nominated by VOGMA for Youth Artist of the Year and Local Artist of the Year Awards, and the Prayze Factor Awards for Youth on the Rise Performing Artist of the Year.

On September 7, 2019 during the VOGMA Awards, Divine Purpose was announced as the VOGMA Artist of the Year and Little DP as the Youth Artist of the Year. Two weeks later, on September 21, 2019, Divine Purpose was announced as the winner for Holy Hip Hop Duo of the Year.  Likewise, Little DP received the award for Youth on the Rise Performing Artists of the Year. 

"Together we represent the true meaning of our stage name through our music, our marriage, and our ministry," says Danielle. "Being one in marriage as well in music," chimes Dannie. And not surprisingly, in unison with sharing their life's story with others, the husband and wife team are now prepared for the release of their new project, titled NOTHING ORDINARY. 

The concept of NOTHING ORDINARY refers to breaking out of the box of religion, for the sake of religion and tradition, and realizing that God is real and limitless. The theme for the album is a reflection of compositions that relate to a variety of styles they describe as "not your typical gospel rap beats." Intentionally, Dannie and Danielle laid down tracks that were made for other genres of music and applied their gospel messages to each song. 

Their first single, "Child of the King" is an upbeat, gospel-laced hip-hop track blended in rhythmic R&B soul. "This song is an affirmation of our dedication as Christians; devoted in our walk, our living, and our thinking as we glorify God with our lives."

As they testify on verse 1: Yeah I'm a Child of God, and I know it gets hard/ But I'ma live right and be pleasing unto GOD/Yeah it's a hard knock life/war wound/battle scars/but God will fight my fight. Claiming their place on verse 2: "You're heir to the throne/ I'm a child of the King/That's why I sing this song/Satan my mind and my soul/Is out of your control …"You can't have me."

Other songs on NOTHING ORDINARY include: "Fantasy," an anthem call for action that addresses the lack of accountability in people through false images; "Work It Out, a declaration of faith to God; the upbeat "Heaven Ready," which talks about their preparation on earth as they ready themselves to be worthy of God's place in heaven; the self-explanatory "Simple and Plain," and up-tempo worship-rap, "Worship You," an uplifting celebratory song praising God and giving Him all the glory. 

Each song on the album was written by the Pledger's, with production credits by Sam Peezy (CSP Music Group) under the direction of CSP Music Group Founder and award-winning song producer, Christopher Starr. The album will be available on all digital music platforms, slated for release in Fall, 2019.

And although they did not begin their careers as gospel artists, they name Mary Mary, Tupac, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, T.I., and Anthony Hamilton among several of their inspirations because of their drive, creativity, and soulfulness. Adding LeCrae, Kirk Franklin, Dedrick Haddon, Tye Tribbett, and Koryn Hawthorne as artists to tour with, "because of their great music, and uplifting message that comes from a true and soulful place." 

When not performing at neighborhood outreach programs and park events, or spending family time with the twins (who also perform, sing, and rap), the couple value their commitment to promoting peace in the community through faith, unity and love, as Founders of their non-profit organization Sparkle Productions Inc., & Push For Peace. 

The goal of their foundation is to open doors for others, including their own children. "We strive to give God glory in everything that we do," states Danielle, "and to share the love He shares with us with others," concludes Dannie. 

In 2017 and 2018, Sparkle Productions won the VOGMA award for Community Service Organization of the Year and the GRIND Partnership Award for Business as a non-profit in 2018.  The pair have received multiple certificates and proclamations from The City of Mobile for the consistent and diligent work they have done in their home community.  

Whether Dannie and Danielle win or lose from any sacrifices they've made to pursue their dream in music, they're in their walk together. 

In similarity to their devotion and spiritual commitment, NOTHING ORDINARY is encouraging, enlightening, sincere and relatable; amalgamated in praise and genuine messages, which serves a Purpose that's truly Divine.